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    ACHIEVA's Residential Supports

    ACHIEVA provides many residential living options for adults with intellectual disabilities. Guided by a person-center approach and focused on the achievement of personal outcomes, ACHIEVA supports full inclusion in the community.

    ACHIEVA's residential options have consistently attained 100 percent on licensing review and are designed to meet the individual goals and wishes of its customers.

    Residential living options include:

    • Community homes - ACHIEVA has nearly 50 residential homes throughout Allegheny County and 22 homes in Westmoreland County. These houses provide adults with disabilities the ability to live independently from their families in a comfortable home and community setting.

    • Lifesharing arrangements - ACHIEVA works with families who desire a family living arrangement for their loved one with disabilities. If the individual chooses not to live with their natural family, ACHIEVA locates shared families. Prospective home providers are screened for program suitability.

    • Supportive Lifestyles - ACHIEVA provides supports to individuals with disabilities in their natural home and are designed to meet individual and family goals. Personal living, personal safety and socialization skills are developed with the goal of increased independence.

    • Parenting Education Program - ACHIEVA offers the parenting education program for parents and caregivers who have intellectual disabilities. Parents with disabilities may need support to learn parenting and other living skills necessary to care for their children. With guidance, 80 percent of the children in these families will maintain equal footing with their classmates.

    For more information about ACHIEVA's residential living options, contact Christine Schoph at (412) 995-5000 x415 or via email:

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