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    ACHIEVA's Disability Healthcare Initiative

    In 2005, with the support of the FISA Foundation, ACHIEVA created the Disabilities Health Policy Forum, now the Disability Healthcare Initiative, and began its work on access to dental care as its first issue. Oral health is the number one unmet need for individuals with disabilities.

    Since then, ACHIEVA has developed the Advancing Oral Healthcare Project, supported by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council and the FISA Foundation. The goal of this project is to identify barriers to accessing quality dental care for people with developmental disabilities and promote promising strategies for systemic change, ensuring access to affordable, equitable services. Several of the initial stakeholder initiatives are now being realized.

    With the continued support of the FISA Foundation, ACHIEVA is launching its second project Access to Healthcare for Women and Girls with Disabilities. Women face significant barriers when trying to access general healthcare.

    ACHIEVA works with many stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities and their families, medical professionals, hospitals and health centers, government agencies, educators, insurance companies, foundations and advocates to develop viable solutions to increase access to healthcare for people with disabilities.

    As part of this website, we have included some toolkits and general information for individuals with disabilities and healthcare.

    For more information about ACHIEVA's Disability Healthcare Initiative, please contact Melissa Allen at (412) 995-5000 x569 or via email:

    Advancing Oral Healthcare Project

    Access to Healthcare for Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families

    Access to Healthcare for Women and Girls with Disabilities and Their Families

    For more information about ACHIEVA's Healthcare for Women with Disabilities, please contact Melissa Allen at (412) 995-5000 x569 or via email:

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